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Welcome to ICHDE's New CFO, Earl Pearson

Interfaith Community Housing of Delaware Inc. (ICHDE) is excited to welcome Earl Pearson as our new Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Earl's appointment comes with over fourteen years’ experience in managing financial operations, including budgeting, reporting, analysis, and forecasting. His proven track record in data analysis enables him to offer accurate financial assessments and strategic direction. Coming from a family with a strong affinity for numbers—his father an engineer, his mother a programmer, and his sister a professional accountant—Earl was destined for a career in finance!

Earl began his professional career in the education sector, where he managed the finances of a charter school in an underserved area. This role honed his financial management skills and ignited a passion for serving communities. At his subsequent position at a member food cooperative and associated nonprofit, Earl oversaw the financial operations of four stores as well as the nonprofit. The cooperative’s commitment to addressing food insecurity and food desserts further cemented Earl’s dedication to leveraging his financial expertise for the greater good.


At ICHDE, Earl is eager to apply his vast experience and personal commitment to further our mission of revitalizing and strengthening neighborhoods through sustainable housing and homeownership services. His background in working with underprivileged communities and combating food insecurity aligns with our values of community empowerment and social equity.


Outside of work, Earl enjoys time with his fiancé and his daughter, fishing, and the companionship of his 14-year-old cat.


Please join us in welcoming Earl to the ICHDE family. We are excited to work with Earl to strengthen our financial strategies and expand our impact on communities across Delaware.

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