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HomeOwnership Center

Interfaith Community Housing of Delaware, Inc.’s (ICHDE)  HomeOwnership Center (HOC) is a cornerstone of our community development initiatives. This center acts as a one-stop-shop offering English and Spanish comprehensive affordable housing and homeownership education, financial literacy education, credit counseling, and foreclosure mitigation and prevention. The services offered through ICHDE’s HOC carefully align with the needs of the communities we serve by strengthening the financial capabilities of low-to moderate-income (LMI) Delaware families helping them to them realize their goals of financial stability and affordable homeownership. 

In 1999 ICHDE became the first certified NeighborWorks®America organization in Delaware and implemented the first certified NeighborWorks HomeOwership Center in 2005. Our HOC team is extremely well-qualified, with each housing counselor bringing decades of experience serving Delaware residents. Our HUD-Certified counselors are certified by NeighborWorks®America in Homebuyer Education, Mortgage Lending, Loan Portfolio Management, Homeownership Counseling, Foreclosure Prevention Counseling.


In 2023 alone, the HOC served 766 households, including assisting 204 families purchase their first home, saved 35 families from foreclosure, and counseled 91 families in foreclosure prevention. Over the last 18 years, the HOC has served more than 17,000 households, assisted with over 3,600 home purchases, and saved almost 1,000 homes from foreclosure. 


If you'd like to get in touch, please call our office at (302) 652-3991 Ext. 100 to speak with the Intake Coordinator.


HOC Programs

Stand By Me

With a personal coach on your side, you can build your credit score, reduce your debt, and achieve the dream of homeownership.

Through one-on-one support from a personal financial coach, Stand by Me HOME will see if you meet the criteria needed to qualify for a mortgage and connect you with consumer-friendly  mortgage programs that include competitive mortgage rates and flexible lending criteria.


Call 1-800-560-3372 or sign up online to get started. 

Este servicio está disponible en español. 

Foreclosure Prevention

If you are in danger of losing your home to foreclosure, our counselors will work with you to do everything possible to help you save your home. During your intake interview, the counselor will discuss loss mitigation options such as loan modification, mediation, and budget counseling to consolidate debt.

If you have a Sheriff’s Sale Date, please contact us immediately. 

If you would like to meet with one of our counselors to discuss your mortgage, schedule an appointment with our Intake Coordinator at (302) 652 - 3991, Ext. 100.

Asistencia disponible en español. 

Financial Education Workshops

Our Financial Literacy Workshops provide the tools to make good financial choices, plans, and set goals.  With this knowledge, our graduates can begin a stronger financial future that includes asset building.

Participants learn how to: 

  • Use checking and savings accounts to better manage their money

  • Change your financial behavior(s) to improve your credit score

  • Track expenses and identify areas for improved money management

  • Develop and maintain a budget

  • Become mortgage ready

Curso disponible en español.

ZOOM Orientation Workshops

Free monthly orientations on Zoom to answer any of your questions about the home-buying process. Call (302) 652 - 3991, Ext. 100 to register.

Curso disponible en español.

First-Time Homebuyer Workshops

Are you ready to purchase a home, but don’t know where to begin?

Attend our First-Time Homebuyer Workshop and learn what you need to know to get started. Upon completion, you'll earn a certificate that can help you qualify for a down payment and settlement assistance.

Topics covered include: 

  • Mortgage Finance Options

  • Budgeting and planning

  • Working effectively with Realtors

  • Shopping for a home

  • Purchase & Sales Agreements

  • Importance of a Home Inspection

  • Insurance and Safety

  • The Role of the Housing Counselor

Curso disponible en español.

E-Home America

Online Homebuyer’s Course

Clients may elect to take an online Home Buyer Education workshop via eHome America for a fee of $150 for an individual course. Group courses are also available.


Once the course is successfully completed, appointments can be scheduled with a Housing Counselor to receive certification.

Note:  To receive a Certificate of Completion you need: 

  • An agreement of sale to purchase a home; 

  • To complete a counseling appointment with a housing counselor (face-to-face* or via phone).


New Castle County Down Payment and Settlement Assistance program requires a face-to-face appointment.

Contact us for more information.

If you’d like more information about our programs, get in touch today.

Call our Intake Coordinator at (302) 652-3991 Ext. 100

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