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Community Building &

Resident Engagement


Community Building & Resident Engagement


Community Building and Engagement activities are central to effective community development work and the mission of ICHDE. Interfaith Community Housing of Delaware, Inc. supports residents in communities in an effort to maintain the appearance, safety, and quality of life of their neighborhoods. In partnership with stakeholders, block clubs, civic associations, and neighborhood councils, we focus on partnership building, organizing, and training resident leaders. 

 We assist residents to define and address needs in their neighborhoods so they can actively improve the quality of life for their families and neighbors.

Interfaith Community Housing of Delaware, Inc.
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WCC Youth Ambassadors | #WeMatter 2020
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Hometown Heroes | Sandra Smithers
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United Neighbors 2022: Stand Together, Be the Change
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Youth Ambassadors

The West Center City Youth Ambassadors lead community/youth-centered programs, services, and activities for youth and teens, their families, and other community stakeholders.

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Freedom Arts Initiative

Freedom Arts participants utilize the creativity of the community to aid in its transformation through the arts and the support of local artists. 


Resident Leadership Academy

The Resident Leadership Academy provides the knowledge, training, and support residents need to be more effective stewards of their neighborhood and community.


School-Based Youth Leadership

The Youth Leadership students design and implement youth-led and facilitated school and community-based projects to foster supportive, inclusive, safe, and encouraging learning environments. 


Block Captain Network

The Block Captain Initiative is an integral component for keeping the block involved in neighborhood activities, events, current affairs, and crime prevention efforts.


Food Distribution Program

We pick up and assist in distribution by mobile transporting the items to different areas in the communities for individuals/families to access the items. Our goal is to make a greater measurable impact on families and children.

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