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What We Do


ICHDE meets a vital housing need in Delaware. ICHDE’s services include the development and rehabilitation of affordable housing across Delaware, and since its inception, has developed over 3000 units of affordable housing. While real estate development is an important contribution, there are other equally important priorities for ICHDE.  Revitalization of neighborhoods has resulted in safer, more engaged, and vibrant communities. Our HomeOwnership Center has helped over 3,600 Delaware families buy homes and prevent foreclosure for almost 5,000 clients.  ICHDE owns eight affordable rental properties, including seven multifamily properties and a 55+ property. Currently, ICHDE directly manages six of those properties to ensure long-term sustainability and quality of our affordable housing rental units.    

Support for ICHDE's work has come from contributions from banks, major corporations, private foundations, government agencies, and religious groups.

Community Building & Resident Engagement

Interfaith Community Housing of Delaware, Inc. is dedicated to fostering resilient neighborhoods through community involvement and leadership development. ICHDE empowers residents with the tools and resources needed to lead community improvement projects. By integrating youth mentorship, senior outreach, community health vans, and gardening, arts, and cultural programs, the goal is to unite and strengthen the community. In partnership with stakeholders, block clubs, civic associations, and neighborhood councils, we focus on creating a shared equity lens that enhances community empowerment as well as encourages civic engagement.  As an ongoing community service, ICHDE hosts and participates in community resources fairs, providing residents with access to good, resources, and services. 

Asset Management & Real Estate Development

Interfaith Community Housing of Delaware, Inc. believes that affordable housing is a fundamental right. Through our real estate development and asset management lines of business our goal is to ensure that every individual and family has access to safe, quality, and sustainable homes. 

Asset Management


ICHDE's asset management portfolio includes 314 affordable housing rental units in New Castle and Kent counties. 

  • ICHDE owns eight rental properties with a focus on low- to moderate-income tenants

  • ICHDE currently manages six of our seven multifamily rental properties

  • Our property portfolio includes a community for residents 55 and up

Real Estate Development

ICHDE is one of the largest non-profit affordable housing/real-estate developer and homeownership organization in Delaware. ICHDE has developed housing projects since its founding beginning in New Castle County and then expanding to Kent and Sussex Counties. 

HomeOwnership Center

A cornerstone of ICHDE's services, the HomeOwnership Center (HOC) offers comprehensive housing counseling as well as counseling for foreclosure prevention, financial literacy education, budgeting, credit repair, and first-time homebuyer's workshops. The first NeighborWorks America HomeOwnership Center in DE, the HOC has quietly served over 17,000 clients since 2006. 

The HOC's programming focuses on education and preparedness with services created to assist low- to moderate-income households achieve their dreams of homeownership and financial security. Through our counseling and workshops, we aim to dismantle the barriers to successful homeownership and financial health by helping our clients identify predatory lending practices, the challenges of default, language and cultural barriers, and the widespread need for financial education.

All HOC programming is available in English and Spanish. ICHDE is steadfast in its commitment to fair housing, actively promoting inclusivity and equal opportunity in homeownership for all members of the community. 

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