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Foreclosure Prevention: Michelle's Story

Updated: Apr 17

Wilmington, DE – In an inspiring story of dedication and community support, Michelle, a longtime Delaware resident, overcame significant obstacles to save her home from foreclosure, thanks to the unwavering assistance of Interfaith Community Housing of Delaware, Inc. (ICHDE). Michelle's story illuminates the struggles faced by many during these uncertain economic times and highlights the transformative impact of dedicated housing counseling services.

Unforeseen Hardship

The COVID-19 pandemic brought unprecedented challenges to families worldwide, and Michelle's was no exception. Michelle discovered that their home was in active foreclosure status due to over 120 days delinquency on the mortgage—a devastating reality masked by her husband's financial mismanagement. The revelation came amid Michelle's personal turmoil, including a divorce and the loss of her long-standing job due to downsizing, leaving her in a desperate situation.

Turning Point with ICHDE

Refusing to give up on her home, Michelle sought help, leading her to ICHDE and Arlisa Howard, a housing counselor with an impressive three-decade track record. Under Arlisa's guidance, Michelle went through the Delaware mediation program and Delaware State Housing Authority’s Mortgage Relief Program. Michelle and Arlisa worked together for more than a year on calls and counseling sessions to successfully secure rescue funds.

Their hard work culminated in a significant victory: securing $50,000 –the maximum amount available in rescue funds from the Delaware State Housing Authority, providing Michelle with the financial lifeline needed to retain her home. “It was never meant for me to lose,” Michelle said about her home. This achievement not only represents a personal and emotional triumph for Michelle's and her family but also underscores the importance of housing counseling programs like ICHDE's to support Delaware residents in their time of need.

Interfaith Community Housing of Delaware, Inc. has been providing comprehensive homeownership and financial literacy programs since 1968 and has provided assistance for countless Delaware families. Arlisa Howard's dedication to Michelle's case exemplifies the organization's ethos of compassion, expertise, and relentless advocacy for those they serve.

Michelle's story powerfully highlights the critical role of community organizations like ICHDE in facilitating financial recovery and housing stability. "Interfaith is where I needed to be," Michelle reflects, crediting her success to faith and Arlisa's impactful intervention.

Looking Ahead

As ICHDE continues its mission to empower residents and ensure sustainable housing solutions, stories like Michelle's highlight the profound impact of community-based support services. Her story is not just about overcoming financial hardship but offers hope for those facing similar challenges, and demonstrates the power of expert guidance and support in navigating these situations. “When clients come to us with this sort of issue, they are stressed and scared,” Arlisa stated. “The most important thing I can do is listen and assure them that we will explore every option.”

For more information about Interfaith Community Housing of Delaware, Inc. and its services, visit or contact

This story serves as a reminder of the importance of accessible housing counseling services and the difference they can make in individuals' lives. ICHDE remains dedicated to

supporting Delaware residents through their housing challenges, one success story at a time.

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