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WILMINGTON, DE - Interfaith Community Housing of Delaware, Inc. (ICHDE) has partnered with The National Wildlife Federation to plant Sacred Grounds pollinator gardens at The New Pentecostal U.H.C.

The Sacred Grounds program creates a space for congregations to connect their faith with the Earth through gardening and studying nature in relation to religious texts.

The pollinator gardens have a vast amount of tangible community benefits some of which include reducing flooding and property damage, assisting with energy savings and water conservation practices, and creating cleaner outdoor gathering spaces

Members from The New Pentecostal U.H.C. and ICHDE gathered to finish a sacred grounds garden, adjacent to the Church's education center. During that time, both organizations were able to plant a wide variety of native flowers and bushes, create sustainable outdoor seating, and replace fencing.

Assisting with the planting of Sacred Grounds pollinator gardens is a part of ICHDE's city-wide beautification initiative. ICHDE's initiative has previously included mural paintings done by the West Center City Youth Ambassadors program.

About Interfaith Community Housing of Delaware, Inc.

Placed in the heart of West Center City, Interfaith Community Housing of Delaware, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization that has served as a catalyst to revitalize and strengthen neighborhoods by providing sustainable housing and homeownership services that support low and moderate-income households, empower residents for leadership and promote individual and community asset building.

About Sacred Grounds

Sacred Grounds communities improve the health of wildlife and human communities in the areas the gardens are planted. The habitats can vary from small gardens to large spaces that incorporate native plants to provide wildlife with places to create their own habitat.

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