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NeighborWorks Week Celebration: Valley Garden Revitalization Party

On Wednesday, June 7th, Interfaith Community Housing of Delaware, Inc. (ICHDE), in collaboration with our community partners, hosted a fun-filled event at Valley Garden, located in Wilmington's vibrant West Center City. This event, held as part of NeighborWorks Week, aimed to foster community engagement, promote gardening, and celebrate our community. Over 250 attendees enjoyed the party, and it was a joy to see the community really come together to celebrate the spirit of togetherness.

NeighborWorks America is committed to building resilient communities and they played a pivotal role in empowering the event. Their mission revolves around providing individuals with safe, affordable, and healthy housing options, contributing to the overall well-being of communities. Each year, NeighborWorks America celebrates neighborhood successes, empowerment, and pride during their week-long NeighborWorks Week. This year ICHDE was excited to participate by hosting the Valley Garden Revitalization Party for our residents.

The garden party showcased the true spirit of community collaboration, bringing together organizations that dedicated their time, resources, and expertise. The G.A.P. Youth Mentoring Initiative Inc. really brought some incredible face painting skills, adding a fun and artistic touch to the festivities. The Delaware Nature Society provided valuable insights into gardening and environmental preservation, encouraging attendees to embrace sustainable practices.

The Network Connect, Inc.'s Community Well-Being Ambassadors and Westside Family Healthcare contributed their expertise on community well-being, emphasizing the importance of holistic health. The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) and West Side Grows Together showcased their commitment to bridging the digital divide and fostering neighborhood growth.

The event also saw the active participation of the Wilmington Police Department and the Wilmington Fire Department, promoting community safety and building trust, and Representative Sherry Dorsey Walker joined the festivities and connected with members of the community.

The Valley Garden Revitalization Party truly was a celebration of our community. By bringing people together, fostering empowerment, and promoting shared values, the event reinforced the importance of strong and resilient neighborhoods. It served as a testament to the transformative power of community collaboration, inspiring us to continue working towards building thriving communities for all.

Special thanks to DJ Buck for the amazing music and Tom from On the Spot photography for capturing this special event. Thanks also goes out to Just N Kase, Winn Property Management, Morning Star, PoppysDoll2, SHOPRITE, LENA's & Aunt Bumpys, The Dickerson Education Center, Christina School District Board Members, ICHDE Board Members, WCCNPAC, Inc, Porter State Service Center, Hicks Community Center, DeIPL, Sunday Breakfast Mission, and Charity Crossings, Inc for contributing to the success of this event.

Interfaith Community Housing of Delaware, Inc. expresses our gratitude to all the friends, volunteers, vendors, and partners who contributed to the success of the event. Your unwavering support and dedication exemplify the true spirit of community engagement.

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