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Ms. Caren Turner Wins Green Building United 2023 Groundbreaker Award

Updated: Feb 27

Lifetime resident and community leader, Ms. Caren Turner is this year's recipient of the Green Building United 2023 Groundbreaker Award for Equity and Community Leadership. Giving graciously and selflessly to the West Center City community and dedicating thirty-five years of service to Interfaith Community Housing of Delaware, Inc., Ms. Caren truly deserves the recognition of this award.

Green Building United is committed to providing education around sustainability and climate change. They lead in efforts to decrease the impacts of the climate change crisis and transition into clean energy practices in all communities. All of this year's nominees were individuals that had a direct impact in their communities advocating for climate change efforts and bringing awareness to these issues.

At the awards presentation, Green Building United recognized Ms. Caren's dedication throughout the years and most importantly her current efforts to usher in green building sustainability.

In her recent efforts for sustainability, Ms. Caren has helped secure $8K in collaboration with other nonprofits to facilitate energy assessments (audits) for a congregation in West Center City helping them reduce their burden, carbon footprint, and educate congregants on energy efficiency.

Subsequently, she secured $9K to launch a seed grant opportunity as an extension of the Faith Efficiency Program to financially assist houses of worship to get started with energy remediation work: Another $5K was secured through the National Wildlife Federation’s Scared Grounds™ Initiative in collaboration with several nonprofits to create pollinator gardens with faith partners in West Center City.

Ms. Caren is that rare individual who selflessly serves others, sees need, and follows through ensuring those needs are met. In her community, there is no problem that Ms. Caren will not seek tirelessly for a solution. She is a woman of courage and compassion. Through her work in community building and engagement, Ms. Caren shows what it is like to be a community and not just live in it.

Her actions have always exhibited the passion and desire to make a difference. It is in her nature to advocate for the rights of the underserved populations. To put it in her own words: "I am not a SPEAKER! I am a DOER! I love my community of Wilmington Delaware."

Congratulations to Interfaith Community Housing of Delaware's own trailblazer, Ms. Caren Turner, for being the 2023 Green Build United Groundbreaker Award recipient!

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