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ICHDE's First-Ever Spanish Language Homeownership Event

Interfaith Community Housing of Delaware (ICHDE) proudly hosted its first-ever Spanish language homeownership event on May 18, 2024, a significant achievement in our mission to support Delaware's diverse communities. The event, made possible through the support of Prosperity Home Mortgage, was held in collaboration with the Hispanic American Association of Delaware (HAAD) and the Delaware Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, drew an impressive turnout of nearly 120 participants and marked a major milestone in our efforts to promote homeownership among Hispanic families.


At the heart of the event was a comprehensive workshop tailored to the specific needs of Hispanic families navigating the homebuying process. ICHDE, committed to providing accessible and inclusive services, organized this workshop to address key topics such as financial literacy, budgeting, and the steps involved in purchasing a home. Our goal was to equip attendees with the knowledge and tools necessary to achieve their dream of homeownership.

The workshop featured a series discussions led by ICHDE's experienced counselors and partners:

Rosa Rivera: ICHDE’s Certified HUD Counselor

Eva Ramos: ICHDE’s Certified HUD Counselor (ICHDE)

Maria Ramos: ICHDE’s Stand by Me Financial Coach

Angie Alcade: Prosperity Home Mortgage

These experts provided valuable insights into the intricacies of housing selection, expense management, and the homebuying process. The event participants eagerly engaged in discussions and sought personalized advice.

The success of the event was amplified by the support and collaboration of several community leaders and partners. ICHDE extends its gratitude to Prosperity Home Mortgage for sponsoring the event; Father Carlos of the Holy Angels Catholic Parish; Dr. Ronaldo Tello, Estefania Cuellar, Raquel Ferrer, Karen Lucas, and members of the Delaware Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and the Hispanic American Association of Delaware who played crucial roles in making this event a success.

Interfaith Community Housing of Delaware has a long-standing history of empowering low- and moderate-income families through sustainable housing and homeownership services. This event underscores our commitment to inclusivity and our dedication to meeting the unique needs of Delaware's Hispanic community. We believe that homeownership is a cornerstone of economic stability and community development, and we are proud to lead initiatives that make this dream accessible to all.

The success of our first Spanish language homeownership event is just the beginning. ICHDE is dedicated to continuing our efforts to support all members of our community in achieving their homeownership goals. We look forward to hosting more events and workshops designed to empower and educate, reinforcing our mission to revitalize and strengthen neighborhoods across Delaware.

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