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Primary Logos

The primary logo of Interfaith Community Housing of Delaware, Inc. is comprised of three outlined houses, stacked on a diagonal and a logotype that says, "Interfaith Community Housing of Delaware, Inc.". The combination of the elements creates the Primary Logo.

There are multiple color variations of the ICHDE logo. The color variations should remain within the official color pallet and should not be recreated outside of that scope.


The full-color primary logo should be the preferred choice. When the full-color primary logo is not able to be prominently seen due to design choices, a solid-color logo should be used.

ICHDE Logo - Full
ICHDE Logo - Blue
ICHDE Logo - Maroon
ICHDE Logo - Black
ICHDE Logo - Full/Tagline
ICHDE Logo - Blue/Tagline
ICHDE Logo - Maroon/Tagline
ICHDE Logo - Black/Tagline
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