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Brand Identity Guidelines

ICHDE Values

Help - Aid in the empowerment of others, fostering change

Transform - Reconstruct challenging neighborhoods into positive and healthy communities

Provide - Affording people with the opportunity for quality housing

Promote - Encourage individual and community asset building

Strengthen - Empowering families and communities


Interfaith Community Housing of Delaware, Inc.'s (ICHDE) mission is to act as a catalyst to revitalize and strengthen neighborhoods by providing sustainable housing and homeownership services that support low- and moderate-income households, empower residents for leadership, and promote individual and community asset building.


Rebuilding Communities for Families, One Home at a Time


Since 1968, Interfaith Community Housing of Delaware, Inc. (ICHDE) has served the Delaware community through empowering low to moderate-income families. ICHDE is an agency that through the facilitation of empowerment and support, clients and residents can emerge as the solution and be the cause of positive community change.

Interfaith Community Housing of Delaware, Inc. believes that homeownership in a “neighborhood of choice” is the first step to building assets and escaping the cycle of dependence. We believe that safe, quality housing and homeownership can become tools for family and community empowerment. 

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