HomeWorks Construction Employment and Training Program

HomeWorks Construction Employment and Training Program (HCET) is a paid, on-the-job,  residential construction theory and practice training for reentering ex-offenders who originate from, reside in, or reside within a community in which ICHDE is conducting affordable housing development and/or community revitalization efforts.

HCET provides a classroom training period utilizing the Home Builders Institute (HBI) curriculum. Upon completing HBI classroom coursework, trainees will transition to on-site, construction training. Locations fluctuate among the construction sites under ICHDE’s site control and in some phase of redevelopment/renovation. ICHDE contractors provide on-site, on-the-job training, with supervision of an HCET Trainer.  Successful completion results in industry-recognized HBI certification(s).

HCET training course incorporates:

  • 90 hours of classroom, hands on, and site training
  • Thirteen weeks of paid on the job home-building/construction training
  • Instruction in:
  • Building Trades Safety and First Aid
  • Construction Math
  • Tools and Construction Materials
  • Employability
  • Carpentry
  • Resume development
  • Assistance with job placement

Our Staff:

Danielle Brothers, HomeWorks Construction Employment & Training Manager

Tyron Clemmons, Education & Training Specialist

Contact us:

For information and questions: Employment and Training Manager 302-652-3991 ext. 214

This program is funded by grants, gifts from generous donors, sponsors and skills training partners.


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