For more assistance when your mortgage is delinquent, open your mail, and contact your lender immediately.  Also, please contact our office at (302) 652-3991 and meet with one of our foreclosure prevention counselors.

You do not have to be 90 days or more delinquent before calling your lender or contacting a HUD-certified housing counselor.  Please contact our office at (302) 652-3991 and meet with one of our foreclosure prevention counselors even if you are only slightly delinquent, but need ongoing assistance to continue paying your mortgage.

If you’ve been told you need housing counseling before you can qualify for a mortgage, you’ve come to the right place.  Interfaith has trained staff who can help prepare you for the home-buying process through our Homeownership Counseling, ehome America online workshop courses, First-Time Homebuyers Group Education classes, PNC Homebuyers Club or Stand By Me.

You can sign up for Homebuyers Group Education classes which are held monthly by clicking here.  These are one-day classes held on a Saturday to equip prospective buyers with all aspects of the steps to become a homeowner.

You can sign up for the ehome America online workshop, which is an 8-hour online training session with questions and answers that equips prospective homebuyers with all aspects of the steps to become a homeowner.  You can take it at your leisure and upon successful completion, you will be eligible to meet with a counselor and then receive your homeownership education certificate.

You will receive you Homeownership Education Certificate on successful completion of either the Homebuyers Group Education classes or the ehome America online workshop and after meeting one-on-one with a homeownership counselor to review your paperwork and prepare for settlement.

The term “low-income” has varying meanings.  Government and social service agencies use this term to describe yearly household incomes that are below 80 and 50% of area median income (AMI) or the mid-point of typical income for a specific geographic region, allowing adjustments for family size.  Frequently, these terms serve as guidelines or requirements for publically assisted programs and services.  Click here for the current Area Median Income Limits.

The term “affordable housing” means housing where the occupant pay 30% or less of their gross income for housing-related costs and utilities.

Interfaith does have rental housing that is managed through 3rd party property managers.  For more information, please visit our Affordable Rental Housing page.

The term Fair Market Rent (FMR) as defined by the U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to determine a specified amount to be charged for the rental of basic units in a particular geographic region.  In most instances, FMR is higher than “affordable” rent.

The Section 8 Rental Program is a rental assistance program funded by the federal government for qualifying low-income persons.  The Section 8 Rental Program is governed by the State’s Housing Authority (DSHA in Delaware) using funds from HUD.  Contact the DSHA at (302) 577-3720 for more information or to obtain an application for this program.  They will determine if you are eligible and the amount of rental assistance you will receive.

Interfaith does not provide emergency shelter or transitional housing, but please contact the Delaware State Housing Authority at (302) 577-5001 and ask for the list of Emergency Shelters and Transitional Housing Sites.  The DSHA also runs various Public Housing sites in Kent and Sussex Counties.  For more information, call (302) 739-7416.

If you like what our organization is doing and wish to be part of our services or to make a contribution, please visit our “Get Involved” page.  You can also “like” us on Facebook.  We rely on financial support to continue providing educational training through our Homeownership Education Program and with our development and rehabilitation project throughout the state of Delaware.  Your tax-deductible financial or other donation can help make a difference.

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