You must attend a First-Time Homebuyers Workshop Prior to scheduling an appointment.

Once prospective buyers have completed First-Time Homebuyers Workshop, they’re ready to meet individually with a Housing Counselor.  The Counselors will help buyers apply the knowledge they have gained from the workshop and equip them for their home purchase and the big “settlement date.”

If you would like to make an appointment to speak with a counselor, you must first have met all the criteria. Please review the criteria.

Prior to attending your appointment you must forward the following documents to the HOC (Email to: or fax to (302) 652-3945):

  • ICHDE Universal Pre-purchase Intake Form
  • 3 Years tax returns (1040s & W2s)
  • 3 Recent Pay Stubs
  • 3 Recent Bank Statements
  • Other Financial Statements (Stocks, Bonds, 401K etc.)
  • Credit Report (Purchased at ICHDE if you do not have one)

If you have signed a sales agreement to purchase a home and are using a down payment and settlement assistance program such as those listed below, you must call the office at (302) 652-3991, Ext. 199, to schedule an appointment.

Down payment and Settlement Assistance Programs: