If you are in danger of losing your home to foreclosure, our counselors will work with you to do everything possible to help you save your home. During your intake interview the counselor will discuss loss mitigation options such as loan modification, mediation, and budget counseling to consolidate debt.

If you have a Sheriff’s Sale Date, please contact the office at (302) 652-3991, ext. 199.

If you would like to meet with one of our counselors to discuss your mortgage, schedule an appointment.

You must forward the following required documents prior to attending your appointment to tpierce@ichde.org or by faxing to (302) 652-3945:

  • ICHDE Foreclosure Universal Intake Form
  • 3 Months Current Pay Stubs or Proof of Other Income Received (i.e. Pension, SSI/SSDI)
  • 3 Months Recent Bank Statements
  • 3 Years Recent Federal Tax Returns (1040 Form with W-2s)
  • 1 Current Utility Bill (i.e. gas/electric, sewer, etc.)
  • Mortgage documents including current statement and any correspondence you have had with the mortgage company
  • Hardship Letter (reason for delinquency)
  • Credit Report (if you have one)


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