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What do I do if my mortgage is delinquent?
Open your mail and contact your lender immediately. Contact Interfaith Community Housing to register for the Foreclosure Prevention Workshop.

I've been told I need to get housing counseling before I can qualify for a mortgage or down payment assistance. Do you offer this service?
Yes, we have onsite HUD-certified housing counselors who can provide homeownership education and training. Other services include the following workshops/seminars: First-Time Homebuyer, Financial Fitness, Foreclosure Prevention, and PNC Homebuyer Club.

How can I sign up for the First-Time Homebuyer Training Seminars?
The First-Time Homebuyer Training Seminars are one-day classes held monthly. For more information, check our HomeOwnership Education Center page.

Will I receive my counseling certificate after completing the homebuyers education workshop?
No, counseling certificates are issued upon completion of housing counseling.

What does the term Low-Income mean?
The term "low-income" has varying meanings. Government and social service agencies use this term to describe incomes that are below 80% and 50%, respectively, of the area median income (AMI) or the mid-point of typical income for a specific area, allowing adjustments for family size. Frequently, these terms serve as guidelines or requirements for publicly assisted programs and services. Click here for the Income Guidelines.

Do I have to be 90 days delinquent to contact a HUD-certified counseling agency?
No, you may contact a counseling agency upon any changes that may prevent you from making your mortgage payment.

What does "affordable housing" mean?
This term is primarily used to define housing where the occupant pays 30% or less of their gross income for all housing costs and utilities.

What houses do you currently have for sale?
For more information on what we have on the market for sale, please visit our Property Management page.

How can you help me find rental housing?
Currently, Interfaith Community Housing of Delaware (ICHDE) rental units are managed by a private management agent working off of waiting lists for all of our sites. However, applications are being accepted for the various waiting lists. The waiting period varies from site-to-site and unit size. Please contact ICHDE at (302) 652-3991 for current rental contact numbers. Additionally, there are a variety of other resources available to assist you in finding rental housing:
1. The County list of Affordable Housing can be obtained by calling (302) 395-5600.
2. The Delaware State Housing Authority (DSHA) offers a Housing Services Directory. For more information, call (302) 577-5001. The DSHA also runs various Public Housing sites in Kent and Sussex Counties. For more information, call (302) 739-7416.
3. Check the classified advertisement section of the local newspaper (News Journal). This is a good source of rental units available in your area.
4. Look for ads in Apartment Finder Magazines that are usually found in local convenience stores, restaurants, drug stores, etc.
5. Look for free Apartment Locator Services in the Yellow Pages and check the HUD website for Apartment Locators.

I've heard the term Fair Market Rent (FMR), what does this mean?
The U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) determines a specified amount to charge for the rental of basic units in a particular area. In most instances, Fair Market Rent is higher than "affordable" rent.

I've been told I can get help with my rent using the Section 8 Program. What is this program and how can I apply?
This Program is a rental assistance program funded by the federal government for qualifying low-income persons. The Section 8 program is governed by the local housing authority (it is called the DSHA in Delaware) using funds from HUD. Contact the DSHA (302) 577-3720 for more information or to obtain an application for this program. They will determine if you are eligible and the amount of the rental assistance you will receive.

Does your organization provide emergency shelter or transitional housing?
No. If you need emergency shelter or transitional housing, please contact the Delaware State Housing Authority (DSHA) at (302) 577-5001 and ask for the list of Emergency Shelters and Transitional Housing Sites. The DSHA also runs various Public Housing sites in Kent and Sussex Counties; for more information, call (302) 739-7416.

I like what your organization is doing. How can I make a contribution?
Interfaith Community Housing relies on financial support to continue providing educational training through our HomeOwnership Education Program and with our development and rehabilitation projects throughout the state of Delaware. Your tax-deductible financial or real-estate donation can help make a difference. Please visit our Get Involved page for more information.

Are there any other websites I can check to get more information?
Yes, please click here.