Created in 2012 to engage youth, teens, and their families in community development, responsibility, and revitalization, the West Center City Futures Youth Ambassadors initiative continues to grow. With the program based in one of the country’s oldest communities, West Center City sits in the heart of the city of Wilmington, Delaware. Like many urban areas, West Center City experienced periods of decline followed by many challenges, however, this community’s prime location and historic relevance has continued to secure a bright future for the neighborhood and its residents. To honor West Center City’s treasured past and desire for resident-led change, Interfaith Community Housing of Delaware, Inc., one of West Center City’s longest standing community-based organizations, continues to spearhead the development of the WCC Futures Youth Ambassador Plan.

With a growing number of youth participants, the program has expanded partnerships with many local organizations to strengthen youth leadership and development by implementing several community projects led by the youth. With a clear initiative on Community Building and Education, the WCC Futures Youth Ambassadors are being exposed to several opportunities along with educational activities that will continue to stimulate their individual potential as Community Change Makers and future leaders. With focus on self and social awareness, the program continues to evolve as we work together to lead the efforts in transformative change with a valuable understanding of community responsibility, ownership, and the importance of youth involvement.