Community Building and Engagement (CB&E) activities are central to effective community development work and the mission of Interfaith.

Interfaith Community Housing of Delaware supports residents in communities in an effort to maintain the appearance, safety, and quality of life of their neighborhoods. In partnership with stakeholders, block clubs, civic associations, and neighborhood councils, we focus on partnership building, organizing and training resident leaders. We assist residents define and address needs in their own neighborhood so they can actively improve the quality of life for their families and neighbors.

Empowering Residents

One of the ways residents can help to stabilize neighborhoods, is by working together to remain involved in their community. By building leadership through organizing communities, ICHDE works to connect residents with business, government and social services, and most importantly, empower them and their families with the knowledge and tools to strengthen their neighborhoods. Moreover, our Resident Leadership Development Academy provides the knowledge, training and support residents’ need to be more effective stewards of their neighborhood and communities.

Residents are taught to embrace the value of a more stable and revitalized neighborhood and participate in strategies which will help to transform their communities into “communities of choice”. The hope is to work with residents to develop communities with beneficial assets, community facilities, and other services in order to create a neighborhood of choice for existing and new residents. ICHDE strives to facilitate as many opportunities for residents to establish relationships with each other and with local businesses, government officials and other non-profit organizations. With ICHDE support and through active participation, residents will:

  1. Define and address issues they care about in their community;
  2. Collaborate with ICHDE and other community organizations to improve their neighborhoods; and
  3. Build relationships with fellow neighbors, community, nonprofit and business leaders, and elected officials.

ICHDE Community Building & Engagement (CB&E) initiatives support resident engagement, the development of community based leadership and purposeful civic participation within the communities we serve.  As a Charter member of Neighborworks America, ICHDE efforts are aligned with their national Community Building & Engagement programs. For more information on NeighborWorks America Community Building and Engagement visit:


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