Affordable Housing Solutions (TBD)

Interfaith was initially created to provide affordable housing to low- and moderate-income residents throughout the state of Delaware to help end homelessness.  Since 1991, Interfaith has been a leading developer of affordable homes in New Castle and Kent Counties and the City of Wilmington by creating and preserving over 300 affordable rental units and over 100 units of affordable single-family for-sale housing.

Interfaith primarily accomplishes this through partnerships with state and local governments, banks and others to revitalize neighborhoods by rebuilding or rehabbing blighted units or creating new homes on vacant lots.  In addition, through partnerships with multiple Lenders and Investors, Interfaith has been able to utilize the HOME Program and Low Income Housing Tax Credit to build and maintain our affordable rental units in 7 Rental Properties in New Castle and Kent Counties.

Current development projects:
Route 9 Innovation District: Wilmington’s Creative District

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For Sale Housing

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Affordable Rental Housing